‘XL Bang’, the long haircut worn by Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez

A good haircut speaks about us: our image, our style and even our personality. If you are one of those who likes to wear long hair, you should know that there is a flattering haircut that many ‘celebrities’ already have because it adds volume and movementand also favors the face: ‘XL Bang’.

What is the ‘XL Bang’ haircut?

Is about a long haircut that is a version of the well-known ‘shaggy’ (that is, layered) but that reaches shoulder height, thus creating movement and texture to the hair. As explained by the expert Carlos Fernandezof Franck Provostis achieved with “a multitude of irregular layers made with scissors or with a razor to create different textures with irregular volumes and a lot of movement in the hair”.

One of the details that differentiates it, moreover, is that it usually includes an XL fringe to frame the face. In this sense, as affirmed by Llongueras, looks perfect with bangs “that blend along the neck giving a 70’s air to the look”. This type of cut is worn by ‘celebrities’ who love long hair, such as Hillary Duff, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez o Kendall Jenner.

How to style the ‘XL Bang’ haircut?

One of the great advantages offered by this cut is its ease when combing it. Unlike a short the ‘XL Bang’ allows us many possibilities when it comes to wearing ithowever, without wanting to obtain texture and a ‘messy’ style result (disheveled), there is a trick that Carlos Fernández defends and that consists of “let it dry in the open air, opening the curl with your fingers”. To do this, “it should be combed with the head down and at most give a touch of styling with a round brush in the front to give that touch of framing the face.”

Another alternative proposed by the Llongueras creative team is to use a ‘styling’ product that provides volume and texture, “later working the strands backwards with a tong”. However, being long we can also make hundreds of comfortable and simple updos for day to day.

An expert explains when to use an iron and when to tongs

Who does the ‘XL Bang’ suit?

Despite it is a very versatile cutIt is especially flattering for those women who have thick and abundant hair. As for the faces, according to the stylist Carlos Fernández, “it is ideal for those who have the smallest face because it will give a lot of texture, irregularity and XXL volume on the sides, in addition to enhancing those features such as cheekbones and framed eyes“.

How to maintain the haircut?

Another advantage of this cut is that it does not require much maintenance, however, experts agree that it is advisable to touch up the layers every month and a half or two months. “The ends should be polished especially, because if they are cut with a razor to give more texture, they can lead to split ends”, they explain.

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‘XL Bang’, the long haircut worn by Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez