Urfi Jadav: Urfi Jadav covered his body with a rope! A storm of criticism in Netpara

Urfi Jadav Wire Fashion: Big Boss OTT Girl Urfi Yadav means warmth on social media. Hot and bold urfi has proved that you can become a sensation girl on social media by sticking septipin on your body. Urfi has recently gone viral on social media by covering her body with flowers, this time with the new addition of Urfi Yadav’s fashion statement rope.

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The video posted by Urfi is especially a reel video. It shows how Urfi made a new style statement with a whole rope. The perfect outfit that can be made with rope is probably the only possible for sexy lady Urfi Yadav. Urfi Yadav goes viral on social media again in mini co-ord dress in blue rope. Bigg Boss Girl’s new fashion statement has received mixed reactions from netizens.

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In the caption, Urfi writes, “For me, fashion means inventing something new. I love to create fashion sense by experimenting. And this rope is not cut in any part. The new style statement I made with a whole rope is super hot to me. Different colors.” I planned to do this style with the yarn of. And this make up is also my own. “

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Urfi fans enjoy her ever new bold fashion statement. Many of them have appreciated Urfi’s new fashion. However, many did not lift Urfi’s boldness at all. Many netizens also wrote in the comment box that they will unfollow him. However, Insta Handel is the proof that Urfi shows his thumbs up to the negative comments.

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Almost every day Urfi Yadav takes the Mercury of Boldness to the very top with his Insta handle. And in the comment box, he accepted the sarcasm of netizens. Urfi was last seen in a music video. However, on the social site, Urfi’s Kamal became the hot item of Page Three.

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Urfi Jadav: Urfi Jadav covered his body with a rope! A storm of criticism in Netpara