The JLo Effect: What is it and how have Ben Affleck and Alex Rodriguez benefited from it?

Coined by a 2021 article in the New York Times, the JLo Effect is directly related to the many different types of success that Jennifer Lopez has gathered throughout the years. It is also linked to her being over 50 years of age and still looking young, fresh and fit. But more importantly, the JLo effect is the one that causes other celebrity men to grow their clout and improve their image thanks to her.

It happened with Alex Rodriguez, Marc Anthony and it’s also happened with Ben Affleck. For all them, dating Jennifer Lopez brought them a lot more status than the one they had due to how successful and famous she is. The New York Times highlights how relevant Jennifer Lopez has remained for the last three decades in an effortless manner.

Do other women celebrities have this effect as well?

Given that we are taking this term from the New York Times, the JLo effect has been experienced by other incredible women such as Shakira or Britney Spears. They too made their respective spouses more famous than they were when they weren’t dating them. Shakira made Antonio de la Rua far more relevant and she created the ultimate power couple that Gerard Pique completely spoiled when he cheated on her.

In Britney Spears‘ case, she made complete unknowns famous and then they got ostracized again because they are not that relevant in the first place. Both of them are also incredibly talented, beautiful and successful. Although Shakira is the one who can truly be compared to Jennifer Lopez in that respect.

The JLo Effect hits the Urban Dictionary.

This term was better explained by the New York Times with all the nuances we just told you. However, the famous Urban Dictionary already had a JLo effect definition that was recently updated. First, it was related to a person who wants to tighten their pants in order to make their butt look bigger than usual.

However, recent entries are using the JLo Effect to describe an older person who looks much younger. The last entry was from March 2020, which means it probably needs a new update on the term. Jennifer Lopez has all the makings of a trend setter and that’s exactly what she’s done throughout her entire life. Long live the JLo Effect!

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The JLo Effect: What is it and how have Ben Affleck and Alex Rodriguez benefited from it?