Shawn Mendes: instructions to copy his look and return to the 2000s

It’s amazing how easy it is Shawn Mendes He achieves looks that impact the entire internet, but at the same time remain in line with the earthly so that all of us can emulate a bit of his style. Wow… we must also recognize that much of this happens because the singer resorts to pieces that have been key in the wardrobes of the music industry; especially rock. If we look carefully we will be able to identify direct lines with the fashion of the 70s, certain garments that were the protagonists of the 80s and, lately, silhouettes that come from the first years of the new millennium.

In fact, reviewing what her latest looks have been, we have found one that specifically brings together everything we hope to be able to wear this decade. Especially if we are really interested in achieving an outfit inspired by the 2000s, but the neon colors or the pants baggy when I was a boy skate they are not our thing.

Before explaining this outfit and the details that you must have very well analyzed for its success, do not forget that Y2K fashion takes inspiration from the pop scene of those years, when the internet boomed and Californian looks were everything. When a strange mixture between the style of the 70s and the 90s was united with the culture of the dot com and the fever of “digitizing” everything to result in a rather dreamy aesthetic.

Now yes, let’s do Mendes your role model this time.

Pay attention to the color palette that Mendes chose here.

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White T-shirt

Shiny and very visible, as did Ryan, star of The OC. In addition to its usefulness to be comfortable during the day and better protected against perspiration, this is another good reason to wear shirts regularly. there is always something of rocker and dangerous in wearing this undergarment in a leading role.

Short jacket

What’s really important about this look is that the jacket sits no lower than the hips and sits precisely on the torso. A movement typical of the 70s and that Shawn Mendes he recognizes as central to his tough-guy image of music. Among all the rules to choose a perfect denim jacket for you, now you cannot miss this punctual eye to the fit.

Jeans flared

That is: slightly open at the bottom and with a curvilinear fall towards your shoe, but without being completely flared or bootcut. Look at the perfect fit they have at the waist – because yes, they are slightly high – and at the thighs. Can men wear flare pants? Of course yes.

wide belt

We have repeatedly said that belts have become that expendable accessory that once felt essential. However, for this occasion it is necessary to specify that your look needs it. If anything characterized the 2000s, and Mendes you know, it was the union of a prominent belt with jeans that fell free to the ground. Just be mindful of the belt-wearing mistakes every man should avoid.

square toe boots

OKAY. Square shoes are not our favorites, but to achieve this look they are necessary. The same goes for her Cuban heel. Add them to the types of boots that you must have yes or yes.

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Shawn Mendes: instructions to copy his look and return to the 2000s