Island of the Famous, Alvin reveals the secret of his friendship with Ilary Blasi

Although they have known each other for twenty years, they have already worked together on other broadcasts, it seems to many that something between Alvin and Ilary Blasi broke during the Island of the Famous. Speaking is Alberto Bonato, the name of the presenter, who revealed how the reality show has revealed the true nature of the bond between him and Ilary: full of irony, jokes and double meanings. Features that have been misrepresented in the last period.

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So no hatred or resentment between Ilary Blasi and Alvin: they are two friends and colleagues who love to tease each other in front of and behind the cameras. A feeling that has certainly done well to the Island of the Famous 2022, which this year has also been able to count on the excellent harmony between the pundits Vladimir Luxuria and Nicola Savino.

In a previous interview with Casa Chi, Alvin did not hesitate to define Ilary Blasi as a real sister, the one with whom it is possible to joke without malice or double ends. Even the former Letterina di Passaparola admitted that the colleague is like a brother to her.

Alvin recently confided that during an episode he was forced to scold some competitors. At a certain point, the correspondent recalled the castaways for too many squabbles live, with the risk that the chaos would disorient the viewers. In particular, Alvin can’t stand contestants talking over each other because viewers are inevitably unable to follow them and are overwhelmed by the ‘chicken coop’ effect.

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Island of the Famous, Alvin reveals the secret of his friendship with Ilary Blasi