‘House Of Payne’ Season 9: Tyler Perry show slammed for ‘dry scripts’ and ‘dragged out pace’

Episode 3 and Episode 4 of ‘House Of Payne’ dropped on BET and was met with some mixed reactions. Viewers had some unsavory comments to make about the pace of the show, as well the constant laugh track in the background appeared to be rather jarring. Apart from this, the dialogues were also criticized for being rather trite and contrived.

In Episode 3, Mali Payne (Doc Shaw) finally summoned the courage to tell his parents CJ (Allen Payne) and Janine (Demetria McKinney) about his pregnant girlfriend, Lisa, who is a stripper. Most of the episode went in the build-up, as well as Curtis (LaVan Davis) making inappropriate jokes about Lisa (Ahmarie Holmes), which did not land well with fans. In Episode 4, Jasmine finds out the truth about Malik’s girlfriend and then the rest of the episode is centered on Ella (Cassi Davis) and Janine grilling Jasmine about her boyfriend and whether she has had sex or not. In the end, Jasmine (China Anne McClain) looks upset and finally, Ella decides to give it a rest.

Many fans criticized Tyler Perry for the latest episodes of ‘House Of Payne’. “Tyler Perry got NO business being one of the most successful, powerhouse black entrepreneurs in this world and producing such wack shows. These scripts are dry and the scenes are TOO LONG! ย Was so excited for this but so far just disappointed with this quality #HouseOfPayne,” a fan tweeted.

“For the love of baby Jesus, Tyler Perry hire some writers for these shows.Identical routines. Same dragged out pacing. They could be so much better. #assistedlivingbet #HouseOfPayne,” another wrote.

“So maybe it’s just me, but I feel like Tyler Perry has become a lazy creative and is far more interested in quantity over quality. I really expected more depth for House of Payne after 8 years. Mr. Perry got a billion. He can hire a writer or two… #HouseOfPayne #assistedliving,” one viewer observed.

“I do not like how Tyler Perry has written Ella and Curtis marriage on this show. It seems as if they are literally holding on. Itโ€™s stupid. #HouseOfPayne, one fan tweeted, as they felt that Curtis was being downright disrespectful to Ella.

‘House Of Payne’ airs on BET Wednesdays, 8 pm.

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‘House Of Payne’ Season 9: Tyler Perry show slammed for ‘dry scripts’ and ‘dragged out pace’