For the summer of 2022 Federico Rossi is back with the Merk & Kremont brand with “Le Mans”

Federico Rossi Le Mans meaning of the lyrics of the new single out Friday 24 June 2022.

Three months after the release of his latest single, I think of you oftenout on March 25, for Federico the time has come to launch the second song of 2022. One year after the launch of the hit It’s never too late (over 20 million streams on Spotify) and from the feat with Annalisa in Slow motiona song that nearly reached 40 million streams on Spotifythe artist comes back with Le Mans.


It was the same to announce the news Federico with a video posted on Instagram.

Le Mans takes up the imagination of racing cars and the film by Steve Mc Queen, 24 Ore di Le Mans (Le Mans) from 1971, film set on the circuit of Le Mans during the 24 hours of 1970 and shot on a Porsche 908 duly entered in the race.

Le Mans is a reckless race between past, present and future of Federico. A carefree song with notes of melancholy. The story of a relationship that runs on the same path but in different directions. The end of a relationship told with a smile, hiding in a drawer some old Polaroid dusted with all the doubts of her.

Here’s how he talks about it Federico Rossi:

Life and experiences make us more mature and aware. Today I know exactly where I want to go and how I want to get there. Love, true love, leaves important aftermaths, bonds that are worth keeping with care even if they sometimes hurt us. The end of a journey is the beginning of a new adventure, a new race that hasn’t had time to heal its wounds. The heart runs Le Mans.

The production of the piece is by Brand & Kremontwhile for writing Federico joined by Federica Abbate e Jacopo Ettorre.


Coming Friday 24th June

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For the summer of 2022 Federico Rossi is back with the Merk & Kremont brand with “Le Mans”