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Taking advantage of this new layout and era of Fashionismo to start a series of posts segmented by theme! A subject x, service and little subject! Tips for stores, websites, ecommerces, News, classics, favorites and discoveries! Starting with the topic of the moment: bikini, bathing suit, going out to the beach… too hot and not enough clothes! Come to my selection of places for you to buy bikinis and cia!

C&A: In terms of fast fashion, C&A is my favorite for bikinis and especially swimsuits, very modern, different, comfortable ones. They always launch special collections and still have a very democratic grid, which is essential these days.

TRIYA: One of my favorite swimwear brands! I LOVE the prints, they are always cool, colorful, interesting and always the face of summer. I also like some special collections, like the current ones from Frida and the super trendy pink restaurant in New York, Pietro Nolita, and his “Pink as Fuck”. It’s not cheap, but it’s that bikini of the season!

ADRIANA DEGREAS: Want the most chic bikini, swimsuit or beach outfit ever? I’m fascinated by the brand, I think it’s super chic and the epitome of Brazil out there (which, technically, is rarely seen on real Brazilian beaches). I also love that they have such beautiful dresses. Anyway, for those who want to spend a little more for a special beach – or iatcheira – occasion.

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HAIGHT: Super cool and very minimal carioca brand. For those who don’t like frills or exaggerations, the brand has an almost normcore footprint, but with powerful and sexy modeling. I’ve never used any of them, but they say it’s an impeccable cut. Pause that the brand has the most beautiful photos and also a kids version, I want it!

PURA SWIMWEAR: Another super cool, elegant carioca brand from the city’s new crop. I really like the color chart they use. Honorable mention for the brand’s clothes, perfect for that chic and comfortable post-beach outing.

SHED 51: Another carioca brand of the new generation. I was delighted with the prints, from prints à la liberty to tie-dye, including cuts and cutouts. To keep an eye out.

SALINAS: Classic Rio! I think my first teenage bikini was Salinas and that’s how it went on for a whole young and cool generation looking for the hit print on Rio’s beaches. It had been a while since I visited the brand, but I went in the other day and saw more classics than ~modernities, but still with that unique quality of someone who has a bikini for much longer than a season.

MARITIME CIA: Another super classic and unfailing brand. Full of prints, colors and patterns. It is worth keeping an eye on partnerships, beach outings and items that complete the summer look.

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JANIERO BODY OF COLOURS: Known for its neon colors, for its sexy models, but still comfortable. It was one of the first brands, which I remember, that began to expand the range and bring women with bodies outside the current standard in their photos, whether campaign or e-commerce. I don’t have any of them, but they all seem to be of good quality and at an ok price!

LEFAH: This brand was found on Instagram, I was impressed with the pieces, especially the prints! For those who like colors, many different colors and prints, it is worth knowing.

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Fashionismo List: 10 beachwear stores – Fashionismo