Brad Pitt’s favourite musician of all time

Brad Pitt is not just an aficionado when it comes to the world of acting but also in the realm of music, too. Pitt’s favourite musician of all time is a pianist, who you might not know by name, but you have likely heard his work.

In 2021, Pitt exhibited his love of music when he purchased the legendary French recording studio, Studio Miraval. The property is the location where an array of iconic acts have made albums since it opened its doors in 1977, with Pink Floyd even recording sessions for The Wall in that very building. Additionally, the premises have been home to AC/DC, The Cure and The Cranberries.

Pitt has teamed up with producer Damien Quintard for the venture, and they are set to open the building’s doors for the first time in 20 years. The project is a labour of love for Pitt rather than a money-spinning exercise, and they plan for it to open its doors this year.

The fan site SimplyBrad lists everything Pitt has remarked about music, including his favourite musician of all time, George Winston. The actor made this revelation on a handwritten stat sheet in 1987, before he became one of Hollywood’s leading lights.

Winston’s solo albums in the 1980s, which have been labelled as “folk piano”, sold millions of copies, even though they never made the upper echelons of the mainstream chart. He’s carved out a celebrated career in his niche and also occupies ample space in Pitt’s record collection.

As Pitt’s comments are over three decades old, a lot has likely changed in his taste since then. He’s only made passing comments about music over the years, but when he speaks, everybody listens. In 1999, the actor told Rolling Stone: “What is so important about Radiohead is that they are the Kafka and the Beckett of our generation. Thom Yorke and the rest of Radiohead are precisely that”.

He added: “What comes out in them I don’t think is anything they could actually articulate, but I would certainly say that it’s that which we all know is true somewhere when we’re in our deepest sleep. That is their importance, and this movie hits on the same level.”

Meanwhile, Pitt previously revealed the first concert he attended was a show by The Doobie Brothers, who were joined by Foreigner. He’s also talked at length about his love of Soundgarden and the solo work of the late great Chris Cornell. Overall, Pitt’s music taste is as immaculate as you’d expect and eclectic.

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Brad Pitt’s favourite musician of all time