Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino together again? The social clue makes fans dream

Antonello Venditti in its “Never friendsHe spoke of certain loves that never end, make immense turns and then return. It is probably the love between Belen Rodriguez e Stefano De Martino they might be experiencing such a love … an infinite love.

The beautiful Argentine showgirl has revealed a few hours ago that she is single again, the story with Antonino Spinalbese it’s over, but her it doesn’t look sad at all, despite that story was born Luna Marì, the second child of Belen. It’s the last one Instagram Stories opens to a flashback with Stefano De Martino, father of Santiago.

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Among the stories of Belen there is a song by Bruno Mars: “Talking to the MoonWhich has all the conditions to be a special dedication to someone. Certainly not to his Moon, since it is one love song which speaks of a love that existed and then was lost. And in all likelihood it is not even dedicated to Antonino Spinalbese. The frost between the two would not lead to a reopening, especially after the declaration a few hours ago in which it was discovered that Belen is single again. And therefore the doubt that it was addressed to Stefano De Martino has crept into many showgirl fans.

In the last few days they are circulate photos in which they saw each other together Belen and Stefano. Nothing particular, since Santiago is the fruit of their love and often the father goes to visit his son, but in these shots the two seem very accomplices, as they have not seen for a long time.

Could their love have made a huge tour and returned? We still don’t know, but surely the two won’t be “never friends».

Last updated: Tuesday 18 January 2022, 18:11


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Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino together again? The social clue makes fans dream